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2013 Schedule

Last year we ran our first, side-by-side mud BOG competition and it pulled 67 entries.  This year, we are adding an extra $1,500 to the pro purse and expect to be visited by more and larger rigs from farther away.  Hosted again by D.I.R.T., the mud drags will be staged in the same location as last year, just west of the campground, and will run on a new, siide-by-side 200-foot track that will be around 15 inches deep.  Classes, track design and management will be very similar to the long-running, very popular Weiser Mud Drags, so this will be a well-attended, well-run event.  We are once again going to offer classes for a variety of trucks, jeeps, ATV's, and UTV's.  

2013 Mud Drag Schedule:

Saturday, September 14 - Jeep/Truck Side by Side Mud Drag Racing

Tech - 8am to 10:30am

Driver's Meeting - 11:30

Racing Begins - 12 Noon

Entry Fee for all classes is $20.  Please read D.I.R.T. rules for classes.

100 Percent Payback - Added money for ALL classes

Sunday, September 15 - ATV/UTV Classes

Tech - 8am to 10:30am

Drivers Meeting - 11:30am

Racing Begins - 12 Noon 

Entry Fee for ATV/UTV classes is $10.  

Trophies ONLY 

Heads Up Racing

Sunday, September 15 - Grudge Matches

Tech - 8am to 10:30am

Drivers Meeting - 11:30am

Racing begins after ATV/UTV races

Entry Fee for all Grudge Matches is $10.  

No payback or trophies

Heads Up Racing

Run as many grudge matches as you can in allotted time

If you have to be pulled out of the pit, you will not be allowed to run again

For more mud drag information, please contact Darrel Poulter OR or visit Dirty Idaho Racing Toys on Facebook.


Mud Drag Mud Drag
Mud Drag Mud Drag
Mud Drag Mud Drag
 Mud Drag  Mud Drag
 Mud Drag  


  Pro Classes
King of the Hill – Travis Whitlock
Open Pro – Logan Mead
700 Pro – Logan Mead
450 Pro – Jason Smith 
X-Climb – Kyle Widdiecombe
Semi-Pro Classes
O.T. Open – Sid Seitz
O.T. 700 – Sid Seitz
Senior – Sid Seitz
Super Senior – Lefty Freuh
250 – Joseph Allnutt
Mini – Jaden Schnepp
Women – Brook Whitlock
Trophy Classes
Rekluse Challenge – Logan Mead
0-600 Vintage Alt – Matt Rhinehart
601-Up Vintage Alt – Jeff Reinmuth
Snowbikes – Alden Miller 
Vintage Stock – Ted Ells
Transition Stock – Jake Gage
Evolution Stock – Seth Heikkila
ATV Stock – Chase Larson
ATV Modified – Michael Torrisi
Women – Danille Cuellar
Senior – Myron White
Super Senior – Lefty Freuh 
601-Up Altered – Travis Seitz
251-600 Altered – Joseph Allnutt
0-250 Altered – Joseph Allnutt 
O.T.Open 4-Strk – Tim Swenson
O.T.Open 2-Strk – Al Mason
O.T.250 – Jason Peck
Open 4-Strk – Austin Kouba
Open 2-Strk – Myron White
250 4-Strk – Matt Morris
250 2-Strk – Austin Kouba 
Pit Bike, 13-under – Jordyn Phillips
Pit Bike, 14-over – Dakota Peck
125 – Matt Morris
90 – Jaden Schnepp
70 Shifter – Jaden Schnepp
70 Automatic – Nicky Harrington
55 Liquid – Bowen Bell
  55 Auto – Braden Garfield


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