2013 Lightning Strike by Zane Smith
Photo by Zane Smith 2013 - click for larger view (~7.3megs)



The rumors are true, we are asking people not to bring mini bikes or 4-wheelers out to the hill unless they are competing this year.  We are simply getting too many people hurt back in the campground roaring around on 4-wheelers and mini bikes and we need to get things under control back there.  We hope that you understand, and for parents who want their kids to be able to ride their minis out there, we encourage you to enter them in the hillclimb.  It only costs $20 to do so, and we give 100 percent trophies, so your child will win a trophy, wherever they finish.  As far as 4-wheelers, it IS OKAY, if you bring a 4-wheeler to get around on IF you are a senior citizen or if you are handicapped.  If you are neither, please don't bring one unless you want to compete in the 4-wheeler classes on the hill on Saturday.  

Now, we took something away from you (because we had to) so we need to give something back.  We ARE going to allow portable hot tubs in the campground again this year, for the first time in four years.  No nudity, please.  But for those of you who used to bring them out, you can do so again.  

We are also going to allow racers to once again camp in the pits.  You do have to buy a camping pass to do so, (racers can camp in the pits for free), but we are going to open this back up because racers screwing around at the Big Nasty haven't been a problem and we believe that you will use common sense and good judgment in getting you and your hillclimb bike from the campground to the hill.  This will allow racers to camp with non-racing family members.  Just be safe and smart, okay?  

Lastly, we are bringing back one and two day tickets, so this year you will once again be able to buy a Friday-only wristband or a Friday-Saturday wristband.  We did away with that option last year because a number of people were buying Friday-only wristbands and staying all weekend, which wasn't fair to us or those who paid for all three days, but we came to realize that some people only want to come to the Big Nasty on one particular day.  Please be honest and fair on the wristband thing.

We also have an entriely new schedule with the pro classes running on Friday and Saturday, with altered trophy bikes going on Friday and Saturday nights.  All of the pro finals will run on Saturday, along with the side-by-side X-Climb.  All of the stock, trophy classes will move to Sunday, along with most of the semi-pro classes.  This means that most kids won't have to miss school to compete in Big Nasty Land...

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Idaho's largest motorcycle event, he 12th annual Nasty is coming up on September 12-14, 2014 and will be the biggest and best yet.  




Great Video of the Big Nasty:

Shot at the 2012 Nasty by Michael Jazek, this is one of our favorites.  Some of the footage include the amazing snowbikes taking on the Big Nasty Hill.  It also features some of the great shots of Heath Frisby led, Monster Energy FX Team and NAHA National Champion Brett Peterson's huge crash during Sunday's King of the Hill event.


PS-Please send us your thoughts, ideas complaints and suggestions anytime. We read and respond to all of them. (208) 573-4255, bignasty@cableone.net

 Click HERE to download a 2014 Big Nasty legal-sized (8 1/2 x 14) poster.


2014 Northwest Hillclimb Series Current Points (after 2 of 3 rounds)

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Future Dates, (Always 2 Weekends after Labor Day Weekend)

  • 2014 - September 12-14
  • 2015 - September 18-20
  • 2016 - September 17-19
  • 2017 - September 15-17
  • 2018 - September 14-16
  • 2019 - September 13-15
  • 2020 - September 18-20

Hill Climbing


  Pro Classes
King of the Hill – Travis Whitlock
Open Pro – Logan Mead
700 Pro – Logan Mead
450 Pro – Jason Smith 
X-Climb – Kyle Widdiecombe
Semi-Pro Classes
O.T. Open – Sid Seitz
O.T. 700 – Sid Seitz
Senior – Sid Seitz
Super Senior – Lefty Freuh
250 – Joseph Allnutt
Mini – Jaden Schnepp
Women – Brook Whitlock
Trophy Classes
Rekluse Challenge – Logan Mead
0-600 Vintage Alt – Matt Rhinehart
601-Up Vintage Alt – Jeff Reinmuth
Snowbikes – Alden Miller 
Vintage Stock – Ted Ells
Transition Stock – Jake Gage
Evolution Stock – Seth Heikkila
ATV Stock – Chase Larson
ATV Modified – Michael Torrisi
Women – Danille Cuellar
Senior – Myron White
Super Senior – Lefty Freuh 
601-Up Altered – Travis Seitz
251-600 Altered – Joseph Allnutt
0-250 Altered – Joseph Allnutt 
O.T.Open 4-Strk – Tim Swenson
O.T.Open 2-Strk – Al Mason
O.T.250 – Jason Peck
Open 4-Strk – Austin Kouba
Open 2-Strk – Myron White
250 4-Strk – Matt Morris
250 2-Strk – Austin Kouba 
Pit Bike, 13-under – Jordyn Phillips
Pit Bike, 14-over – Dakota Peck
125 – Matt Morris
90 – Jaden Schnepp
70 Shifter – Jaden Schnepp
70 Automatic – Nicky Harrington
55 Liquid – Bowen Bell
  55 Auto – Braden Garfield


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