Campground Update 9/08/16 - We sold out of all 75 VIP camping passes several weeks ago, but there are still PLENTY of Early and Regular camping passes!


Idahos' largest motorcycle event will take a huge leap when it returns in September.  We joined forces with the legendary Rock the Mountain, Idaho's oldest music festival!  Yes, there will be three stages and 30 bands at this year's Nasty!  Two of the three stages will be in the back where the grass drags used to be.  This is to keep the music and the hillclimb from competing with each other (sound wise), and to keep our VIP and regular campers from getting blasted with too much sound.  The front stage will be in the usual spot near the Double Diamond Bar and it will face away from the hill and will play quieter music such as jazz and blues.  All music will cease on Saturday from 3PM to 6PM so that everyone can focus on the 450 Pro Main and X-Climb events, and there won't be any music on Sunday to compete with the 700 and Open Pro Mains.  See or print a 2016 Big Nasty poster.




 We are also bringing back the legendary 4-wheeler mud bog in the Big Nasty ditch which hasn't run since 2010, when NOBODY made it!.  Stand too close and get sprayed!  Our new title sponsor, Toyota is bringing in a wild night life with Black Light Visuals, coming straight from the X Games and Lollapolloza.



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Great Video of the Big Nasty:

Shot at the 2012 Nasty by Michael Jazek, this is one of our favorites.  Some of the footage include the amazing snowbikes taking on the Big Nasty Hill.  It also features some of the great shots of Heath Frisby led, Monster Energy FX Team and NAHA National Champion Brett Peterson's huge crash during Sunday's King of the Hill event.

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Future Dates, (Always 2 Weekends after Labor Day Weekend)

  • 2016 - September 16-18
  • 2017 - September 15-17
  • 2018 - September 14-16
  • 2019 - September 13-15
  • 2020 - September 18-20
  • 2021 - September 17-19
  • 2022 - September 16-18
  • 2023 - September 15-17
  • 2024 - September 13-15
  • 2025 - September 12-14

Hill Climbing


Pro Classes
King of the Hill – Austin Teyler
Open Pro – Austin Teyler
700 Pro – Jason Smith
450 Pro –  Jason Smith
X-Climb – Jason Smith
Semi-Pro Classes

O.T. Open - Jason Geisler
O.T. 451-700 -
 Lonnie Sparks
O.T. 0-450 -  
Todd Teyler
Senior -
Lonnie Sparks
Super Senior -
 Lefty Frueh
250 -
Tyler Gnutzman
Women - Sam Curtin
Mini 0-79 -
LJ Bushong
Mini 80-90 -
Nick Scarlett

Trophy Classes
600 Vintage Alt – McClayne Geisler
601-Up Vintage Alt – Jake Bork
Vintage Stock – N/A
Transition Stock – Jeff Snipes
Evolution Stock – N/A
ATV Stock – Blake Mason
ATV Modified – Lance Hallworth
Women Stock – Brooke Whitlock 
Senior – Mike Huber
Super Senior –  Lefty Frueh
601-Up Altered – Jeff Reinmuth
251-600 Altered – Colton Green
0-250 Altered –  Dakota Peck
O.T.Open 4-Strk – Don Franek
O.T.Open 2-Strk – Isaac Muller
O.T.250 – Mike Huber
Open 4-Strk – Colton Green
Open 2-Strk – Struther Stromire
250 4-Strk – Clayton Horton
250 2-Strk – Isaiah Roddick
Pit Bike, 13-under – Isaiah Roddick
Pit Bike, 14-over – N/A
125 – Nathan Gerondale
90 – Joe Maples
70 Shifter – Caleb Aiden
70 Automatic – Caleb Aiden
55 Liquid – Kaeson Shipman
55 Auto – Kendall Reinmuth




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